Horseback Riding


The morning was already long when the horses were prepared for us. Snaking along the rails and paths of the mountain range, amidst the local vegetation and with breathtaking views of the Arrábida Natural Park, we are followed by the singing of birds and cicadas thus making the experience truly natural.

The views are breathtaking, were not the green of the landscape, the flowers of the woods and small animals that give an air of his grace. Upon arrival a drink in the SPOT to refresh the body and brighten the mind.

Location: Arrabida Natural Park
Duration: Approx. 2 h
Dificulty: Medium


Watch the preparation of the horses while admiring their strong spirit.
Go out for a ride on the rails and paths through the mountains and enjoy a different away of approaching

A more adventurous, and taller way to wonder through this magnificent and unique Natural Park.
Equipment: All equipment except personal clothing will be provided at the beginning of the ride.

Once upon a time was filled with unique moments of life, pleasure and surprise. 

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