Once Upon a Time


I - Once Upon a Time, There Was a Unique Place


Once upon a time, you awake

on a sunny morning and feel

surrounded by one of the

best-kept secrets of the Arrábida Natural Park.


With your eyes losing sight

of the landscape, your heart

finding calmness in the serenity

of the Mountain and in the beautful infinity

of the Atlantc Ocean, join us on a trip to

the moment Casa Palmela opens its doors.


Every month, we will tell you

a litle of the story of this House,

which, by being made of History,

shall leave stories to all those who visit it.


II - Once Upon a Time Wake, Awakening in the Heart of the Mountain


Once upon a time, there was 

a road in the heart of the Arrábida

Natural Park that leads to one of

Portugal's best kept secrets. After

the great entrance gate, a long

pathway lined with vineyards

welcomes you and takes you

closer to what will be an

unforgettable experience.


You have arrived at Casa Palmela,

a manor house from the

eighteenth century in the Arrábida

mountain range, surrounded by

breathtaking nature. Here you will

witness the legacy of several

generations of the Palmela family,

in an estate over 170 acres wide

and fully prepared to welcome

you with the greatest comfort,

lushness and luxury. You can

choose to stay in one of the guest

rooms spread across three

buildings: Palace, Pool house and

Country house.


Where you will want to wake up



III - Once Upon a Time Living in a Palace


Once upon a time, you awake in

a manor house from the

eighteenth century in the heart

of the Arrábida Natural Park,

surrounded by breathtaking nature.


As you open your eyes, the

scenery will make you think you

are stll dreaming. Rest assured,

for you are not; you are within

the Palace of Casa Palmela.


You woke up in one of the rooms

of the Hotel's main building,

the same one that housed several

generatons of one same Family.


As you get up and walk towards

the window, you can start to gaze

at the São Luís and Arrábida

mountain ranges or at the

vineyards and gardens that

surround the Palace.


IV - Once Upon a Time, Life in the Country House


Once upon a tme there was all

the privacy in the world in

communion with nature, in

a country house located in the

most secluded and independent

area of the hotel, about 55 yards

from the main building.


The spacious and cozy suites are

perfect for families to enjoy the

best Casa Palmela has to offer,

taking advantage of the freedom

and peacefulness of the annex.

In order to beter enjoy the

region's delicacies, every suite is

equipped with a small kitchenete.


So, take a deep breath, feel

the earth's scent, and be inspired:

here you will find life at its best.


V - Once Upon a Time, a Full and Unforgettable Day


Once upon a tme there was a day

full of life's unique moments,

plenty of pleasure and surprises.


Afer having breakfast surrounded

by the tune of the birds' chirping,

it's worthwhile to explore the

property with a refreshing dive in

the pool, enjoying Arrábida's

craggy landscape and the house's

vineyards, in a uniquely peaceful environment.


Afer letng your body dry in

warmth of the sun, it's tme to feel

the air in your face, exploring

the vineyards and fields by bicycle.

Along the way you discover places

to taste the flavors of the region

and take a break for an unforgettable

horseback ride through the Natural Park.


And to better take advantage of

delicious products of the region,

all suites are equipped

with a small kitchenette.


The ending to the day could not

be beter, a relaxing massage

in a sea of flowers and aromas

at the Estate's spa.


VI - Once Upon a Time, a Unique Region


Once upon a time there was a morning

in Arrábida's turquoise-water beaches,

split between diving and sunbathing, and

an unforgetable relaxed late afernoon,

in Troia's white and endless sandy beaches.


Meanwhile, a visit to the idyllic beaches

only accessible by sea with the guidance

of experienced navigators, but to which

Casa Palmela's guests can go (and keep secret).


However, it does not end there:

it's important to save one's breath for

the beauty of the boat trip to meet

the dolphins in the river Sado.


VII - Once Upon a Time, a Coleection of Unforgettable Experiences


Once upon a tme there was

a September visit to Casa Palmela,

traditonally the month of grape harvest.


Awaitng for you is a powerful experience,

in what is the tme of the greatest bustle

in the Estate's amazing vineyards.


Here you get the full winemaking experience:

afer the grape harvest, the wine tastngs,

picnics in the vines' shade and the contact

with the wild and natural surroundings

of the Arrábida Natural Park.


Afer the tastings, you can put

the rest of the region to the test,

visitng other wine cellars and

dairy farms, and having authentc

gourmet experiences. Remember,

this is one of most well-known

regions in the world for its wines and cheeses.


VIII - Upon a Time, Diving in the Pool House


Once upon a tme there was

waking up in the Pool House,

imagining the marvelous tales

from the tme it was the

Oven Bread House,

the Firewood House and,

later, the family's Game Hall.


Here you can create your own tale

in one of the most spacious suites,

which assures the same comfort,

service and glamour of the ones in

the main building, with access to the Hotel's gardens.


Here you can lose yourself,

to find the peace and tranquility

of a place as private as is it beautful.


IX - Once Upon a Time, a Nature Hideout Close to Everything


Once upon a tme there was one

of your last days at Casa Palmela.


You can enjoy the early hours of

the morning visitng Freeport,

Europe's largest outlet,

full of luxury brands with irresistble prices.


On your way back, you can stop at

the city of Setúbal for a walk in

the downtown area, where you

will be delighted with what the traditonal

businesses have to offer, being unable

to resist the best fried cutlefish in the world.


Before you enjoy the rest of the

afernoon in the pool, you can

visit the Casa Palmela’s Store,

where you will find a unique selecton

of the best products the region has to offer,

and prepare your trip back home:

your friends and family will like

you more if you take with you

some of the wines and cheeses from Azeitão.




It was once the day of returning, 

certain that you found your 

second home in Casa Palmela.


Before you go, take an imaginary 

photograph of the farm. Record in 

your memory the different hues 

of the mountain, the freshness of 

the pine trees, the homemade 

scent of bread coming out of the 

oven, the perfumed aridity of the 

rosemary, the tempting ruby of 

the vineyard. With your body 

rested and your ideas fresh, go. 

Antes de ir, tire uma fotografia 


But come back, yes?


Casa Palmela will continue here,

waiting for you to write the next 

chapter of our history.