Slow Wellness SPA

Exclusive Body, Mind and Soul Tailor Made Experiences.

“Inhale happiness, exhale stress!”


Surrounded by vineyards and natural landscape of Serra d´Arrábida, the Slow Wellness Spa is the perfect place to feel, to simply be and live your inner self, with the specialized care of our Therapists and the best, completly pure and natural ingredients from this untouched region.

All Spa Treatments and Massages are specially made for your wellbeing, prepared at the moment, allowing you to enjoy every detail of this exclusive experience. Time is left outside, therefore we add always an extra time to your booking, so that you can have a slow and personalized care.

Come and live the life you deserve.




Much more than a Massage

All the Massages include a Wellcoming Ritual and a moment to chill out

Awakening of the Mind

Rosemary will focus your mind and release tension of sour muscles, mud cataplasma, raw ginger and bamboo strokes will do the rest.

90 min - 110€

Traquil Soul

Rosemary will focus your mind and release tension of sour muscles, mud cataplasma, raw ginger and bamboo strokes will do the rest.

90 min - 110€

Bye Bye Stress

Lavander rules in all forms, herbal poltices and a deep slow and relaxing massage will put you to sleep, for sure!

90min - 100€

The Ocean so near

Dive in to a revigorating hot and cold massage stone with the sound of the ocean so near.

90min - 100€

The Power of Aromatherapy

A full body tailor made massage perfect for your senses and health. Let your intuition guide you through this journey.

75min - 85€

In the bedroom

75 min 110€

Facial Care (a Ocean of Beauty)

Best of Nature (herbs, butters, essential oils, clays and algae)

Prodigy of the Oceans

A luxuriously sensory facial to enhance the youth of your skin.

90min - 125€

Prodigy of the Oceans Express

Superior skin care, perfect fusion of efficacy and sensoriality condensed in an Express Facial.


45min - 75€

Body Care

Scent of the Mountain (Body and Face)

Brighten your day with a refreshing citrus scrub with Lemon, Orange marine sea salt, a revitalizing massage with warm Rosemary olive oil and Express Facial that will make you shine.

120min- 140€

Praise to the Wine

The intense Aroma of fresh grapes, sugar and honey give start to this powerful anti-oxidant experience, followed by a massage with grape seed oil, red fruits and cinammon, that acts in depth to rejuvenate and transform your skin. A true toast to your health.


120min - 130€

Herbs at your service (Body Scrubs)

Dive in to the power of nature, pick up what you love the most, and enjoy a full body scrub and face scrub with massage movements.

55min - 90€

Herbs strike again (Body Wraps)

Everything is possible, start with a detox mix to scrub your body, and relax then with an ultra nourishing wrap and massage, the nature will help you to find the way back to balance.


90min - 120€

Special Programs

Light as a Feather

The ideal aromatherapy massage full of power to recover from intensive training or to prepare you for battle.

55min- 80€

Share the Moment (for two)

Celebrate Love/ Friendship/ Joy today! Share the embracement of a moment together, enjoy the Exfoliation and Foot Reflexology Ritual. Then travel to a world of relaxation with slow, deep movements of an exotic Lomi massage, a Lomi seasoned with Karité Butter, lavender and sweet Orange.


90min - 185€

The Big Day (Bride and Groom Rituals)

Special care and nutritious for body and face will make you dazzling for the big day. The programme includes body exfoliation at your choice, involving aromatherapy massage and a hydrating facial to end.

120min - 130€ (per person)

Spa Etiquete

Opening Hours

The Slow Wellness Spa is glad to welcome you from Monday to Sunday between 10a.m. and 8 p.m.


If you need help choosing a type of Treatment or Massage Experience, we ask that you contact the Slow Wellness Spa Reception directly. You can also do it through the telephone number 265249650, 00351 9692988183 or email slowspa@ouh.pt. Our therapists can also make treatment programmes specially tailored to your needs.