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Once upon a time was filled with unique moments of life, pleasure and surprise.

At Casa Palmela Hotel you will be welcomed as if you were a family member. Whether you are looking for a well-deserved rest in contact with nature, a stroll through Quinta do Esteval or a dip in the region’s turquoise water beaches, we promise you memorable moments.

With an area of ​​more than 70 hectares, you can enjoy walks in nature on foot, by bike or horse riding or any other means are pleasures that can be made in this property.

Near this location we have places as important as the town of Azeitão, known producers of wines such as José Maria da Fonseca, Casa Ermelinda Freitas, Bacalhôa Wines of Portugal or Quinta de Alcube.

For the more gourmets, we propose to visit a local dairy where the famous Cheese of Azeitão DOP is produced, where you can get to know the history, tools and techniques of artisan production of this local delicacy.

Also known are the works of handicrafts, crockery and tiles developed in the region to which we strongly suggest a visit.

We can not forget the city and district capital that is Setúbal with its historical heritage and riverside location that brings us excellent gastronomic experiences and also makes fantastic boat trips along the coast of Arrábida not only for a refreshing dip but also to discover the dolphins which populate this immitant maritime park.


Golf fans can find about 10 golf courses between 10 and 50 km away from the Hotel.

This region has a variety of top-level courses that satisfy the most demanding players and thus enables the practice of this modality within walking distance of the Hotel in the middle of the lush nature of Arrábida.

Book with us and do not worry about any logistics. With this package you have no worries, we will make your reservations and we will take you and pick you up to the golf course. It's all dealt with. Just have to prepare the Grip and Swing.

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After an exhausting night, an invigorating breakfast, the landscape asks to be enjoyed by bike, to walk the centuries-old paths of this Quinta, passing through landscapes and places in the heart of the Natural Parque of Arrábida.

You can consult the map that will be provided and if you prefer you can request a guide to accompany you.

We invite you to make your reservation at SPOT. We have available mountain bikes from the best brands in the market and we provide basic safety equipment.

Depending on the time of year you may need shelter for the cold or rain coat. We advise and include in the kit 1 liter of water and 1 energy bar or something to eat.

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I woke up in a big bed, nestled in Egyptian cotton sheets, the light lurking out the window, wanting to come in and show the scents and sounds of this pure nature.

I have a trail that leads me to the top of the mountain, a 360º view from Palmela to the Arrábida mountain, passing through Troia, Comporta and Lisbon.

I took my picnic and I sit here enjoying everything around me. We have maps and lunch boxes available. If you wish to take the tour accompanied by a guide you can request it at the reception.

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The farm of the Esteval with about 72ha and with an old history, you can find typical flora of the arrábida mountain range as well as to see animals and birds in full nature. when walking through the farm you will be able to see the Rio Sado and until you find our river.
Visit the secrets saved in the farm.

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The morning was already long when the horses were prepared for us. Snaking along the rails and paths of the mountain range, amidst the local vegetation and with breathtaking views of the Arrábida Natural Park, we are followed by the singing of birds and cicadas thus making the experience truly natural.

The views are breathtaking, not only by the green of the landscape, the flowers of the woods and small animals that give an. Upon arrival a drink in the SPOT to refresh the body and brighten the mind.

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The coast of Arrábida, due to its natural protection against the Atlantic, has unique conditions for navigation and for the practice of sport fishing.

Enjoy a stroll through the clear blue waters to the fishing grounds of choice to try your luck and expertise there. From Douradas to Pargos everything is possible on this coast. Perhaps this is the day when you will ask the chef to prepare the fresh fish you caught.

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The morning was long, we passed the coast of the Arrábida, a glass of wine opens the session.

We will have lunch on board and as scenery, nothing more than the imposing cliffs of the Serra da Arrábida and the white sand beaches of the region.

They are delicious delicacies that we appreciate as the chef prepares. At the end a refreshing dip to re-heat the body.

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Get to know the marine area adjacent to the Arrábida Natural Park, known as the Marine Park Prof. Luis Saldanha. A place with a unique natural wealth.
From Baía de Setúbal, which is part of the select group of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World, navigation takes place along the coast towards Sesimbra.
On the way it is possible to observe the Serra da Arrábida in its fullness and the beaches of transparent waters at the foothills of the Serra.
A drink on arrival welcomes the "sailors of the day" and along the route will be served appetizers, fruits and wines of the region. You can also choose to have lunch on one of the beaches of your choice and taste the traditional local cuisine.

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An exclusive service of Hotel Casa Palmela is the possibility of enjoying deserted or virtually deserted beaches, accessible only by private boat.

The region has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country that are reserved for the exclusivity of those who can get there by the sea.

Upon leaving the hotel, the guest goes to the embarkation port where an exclusive vessel awaits him to transfer him to the beach of choice.

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In an enchanted spot on the farm of Esteval, Wine is the center of attention.

In your glass you will be able to appreciate the color, the palate and of course the taste of this nectar produced in the region.

If to this tasting add the cheese of Azeitão and the ham, then you will have an explosion of sensations that will leave you surprised.

We invite you to consult the different tasting packages available.

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With the dawn of day to welcome the participants, the group of songs of Aldeia Grande will act in the Largo da Quinta.

Following is a unique experience in the vineyards of Quinta do Esteval where you will pick the ripe grape. Always in an authentic environment of rural life.

The day continues with a walk through the vineyards of Quinta do Esteval, followed by a field lunch accompanied by a group of songs from Aldeia.

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A single program only possible in an area of wine of choice.

The Terras do Sado region is specially considered with some of the best wines produced in Portugal and the Hotel is located in Quinta do Esteval, one of the producers of the well-known Moscatel grape.

This gastronomic dinner allows to enjoy the Portuguese gastronomy accompanied by the wines that best accompany it and explained by an oenologist of the region. A unique experience.

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The tour of the Casa Museu begins with a brief explanation of the company's history, followed by a visit to the old wineries: the Adega da Mata and the Adega dos Teares Novos, where it stages, among others, Periquita wine. old Teares winery, where the oldest Moscatels of Setúbal, some of them authentic relics with more than 100 years, rest.

In the end, the visitor will have the possibility to know and taste some of the wines produced by José Maria da Fonseca.

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