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Once Upon a Moment

Experiences with a story

Once upon a time, there were unique moments that became surprises that our memory carried for life.

In the same family since the XIX century, at Hotel Casa Palmela you will be welcomed as a member of the family and invited to sit down and listen to the story of the house.

Also get privilege information from local people that make part of the team. Who better to know the gossip of the house and the region?

Whether you are looking for a well-deserved rest in the nature, an active and sporty time, a fire-place in colder seasons or a reinvigorating swim in the region’s white sand beaches and blue turquoise waters, the options are many, focused on discrete and exclusive moments.

With over 170 acres, 50 of which are planted with Syrah and Moscatel grape vineyards. This secular estate, inside Arrábida Nature Park, offers the opportunity to enjoy nature at its best whether on foot, by bike or horse riding.

Memorable moments to take home and tell a story.

In the region, local villages like Azeitão or Palmela offer visits to cultural sites, traditional artisan workshops or well-known wine producers, such as José Maria da Fonseca or Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal as well as smaller boutique wineries like Quinta de Alcube or Quinta do Piloto.

For gourmets, we suggest visiting local small dairy factories, where the exquisite Queijo de Azeitão DOP (Azeitão Cheese PDO) is produced, and listen to stories, testimony the techniques and tools of this local artisanal production.

Crafts and arts, like crockery or tiles, using the traditional methods, are still to be seen and we strongly suggest a visit.

We cannot forget the city and district capital that is Setúbal with its historical heritage and riverside location, bringing us excellent gastronomic experiences and is a starting point to navigate along the coast of Arrábida or upriver Sado. Dazzle with the local dolphin community that makes part of Luís Saldanha Marine Reserve or dive into the turquoise waters of Arrábida beaches.

If you are into castles, proper castles with battlements, and thousand-year-old ones, around us we can visit three quite important ones. Sesimbra, Setubal and Palmela. Definitely worth a visit admire the architecture as well as the wide views.

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It’s all about animal companionship, this is a perfect experience to get to know the nature park in a different way.
The interaction between human and animal in its environment is absolutely unmissable.
In the Arrábida Nature Park, among cork oaks, arbutus, vineyards and other unique species of the region, this horse ride through Quinta do Esteval, where Hotel Casa Palmela is located.
Sights and scents throughout the paths, while enjoying the wonderful landscape in contact with nature.


Regular bikes that can be used by guests, free of charge and upon availability.
These bikes are great to explore the estate through the indicated paths. Some more challenging then others.
Upon request we can also have available Pinarello, road bikes and Trekk, Off-road Bikes, both equipped with top level gear.
For those who still prefer to pedal, but with less effort, we can offer trail electrical bikes to wonder through the region of Arrábida and throughout the nature park.


In an enchanted place like Quinta do Esteval, wine is a reference around us and is always highlighted in the centre of the table. Come and enjoy with us the best and most valuable characteristics of a good wine, from colour to aroma and palate paired with some local delicacies.
Boost your experience by accompanying with renowned regional Azeitão cheese.

At SPOT, on the cork oak deck or picnic mode anywhere in the farm you choose, there is no perfect place for this experience!


Start your day with Yoga mind and soul, a moment for yourself within a natural landscape, and beyond.
Relaxing, strengthening and opening positions, connecting you with a deeper sense of self training of mind and body for a healthier and better life.
Come and get acquainted.
Our teacher, a well travelled expert and yoga lifestyle lover, will help to bring the balance to your day when practicing outdoors, surrounded by an amazing scenery that changes everyday.
Both private or group sessions are available.


An excellent activity to achieve physical relaxation, eliminate stiffness and increase the feeling of lightness.
With this practice you will be able to prevent muscle and tendon injuries due to its gentle and slow exercise pace.
Increase mental and body well-being through exercises combined with breathing and body awareness improving your mobility, flexibility and reducing fatigue by strengthening your muscles.
Add to these benefits, the fact of being outdoors, surrounded by vineyards and the lush green vegetation of Serra da Arrábida.


The movements performed in Pilates provide the stretching and strengthening of the body in an integrated and individualized way, in addition to improving breathing, reducing stress, developing body awareness and balance, improving motor coordination and joint mobility and providing relaxation.
Low impact exercises with few repetitions provide effective results and, at the same time, less wear and tear on joints and muscles.
It is important that every Pilates practitioner is accompanied by specialized professionals, and we have them.


Surrounded by vineyards and natural landscape of Serra da Arrábida, the Slow Wellness Center is the perfect place to enjoy your moment, alone or as couple. The use of products with natural ingredients from this untouched region, used by our specialized therapist, add the environmentally friendly feeling that Casa Palmela stands for. All Treatments and Massages are specially made for your wellbeing and potions used are prepared on the moment. Enjoy the careful and personalized care that you deserve.


Still using the traditional techniques, you will watch and learn how tiles, Azulejos in Portuguese, are made.
If you want to give it a try, you may join a workshop where, you will make your own tile from scratch.
If you like it and wish to deepen your talent, you may join a class of restauration. This is a true local experience.
You might mingle with people attending classes or a professional team working on tile panels to be installed anywhere in world.


At the Centro de Moinhos Vivos (Living Windmills), located in Serra do Louro, it is possible to bake in a wood oven, your own wheat flour bread.

The traditional wood ovens still maintain the production of the region's characteristic bread.

The heritage and scenic value of the Moinhos de Vento of Serra do Louro reflects the need to preserve this tradition by recovering the windmills and its surroundings. Thus, with the support of the Arrábida Nature Park, some of its owners have been recovering them. This is the case of the "Moinhos Vivos" Center, which maintains two windmills in full activity, which produce and sell bread from wheat flour.


Golf fans can find about 10 golf courses within 9 to 30 miles distance from the Hotel Casa Palmela.
This region has a variety of top-level courses that surely will surprise the most demanding players and thus enables the practice of this modality within short distance of the Hotel in the middle of the lush nature of Arrábida.
Book with us and do not worry about logistics. We will make every reservation you might need, from golf carts to clubs and caddies or transfer in and out, we can take care!
You just need to prepare your grip and swing.


Three different circuits, will take you to know what best there is to see and “taste” in our region. Ideal for nature lovers - be dazzled by the indescribable landscapes with Nature Affairs.
Blue Corner is a drive through Serra da Arrábida highlighting the beautiful white sand beaches.
Wineries & Vineyards circuit will take you to meet people and taste regional delicacies while Arrábida Nature Park will remain in mind, soul and body.
Each car with a story and a local guide onboard, by Nature Affairs.


Every enthusiast knows it, THE perfect car doesn’t exist, for each occasion there is a different car: sports coupé, convertible, off-road, Italian, German, French, etc. And we want them all!
The Classic Experience, makes this dream come true: for an evening, a week-end or your entire holidays!
From the “chrome years”, “chic fifties” and “swinging sixties”, to the “psychedelic seventies”, this collection is a lot about cinema.
Come and sit behind the wheel of cars made famous by James Dean, Steve MacQueen, Dustin Hoffman or Brigitte Bardot!


Choose a different way to get around. Whether just cruising’ by Serra da Arrábida or visiting one of the local wineries, you decide where these stylish vehicles will take you.
The stunning views from the top of the mountain over the bay of Setúbal, member of the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World, is definitely a ride to have in mind.
Another suggestion is full day, visiting the three castles in the area, Sesimbra, Palmela and Setúbal fortress, with lunch in traditional local restaurant.
Both vehicles are driven by a certified local driver.


Join some of the best adventure Portugal can offer in this beautiful Nature Park. Hike to secret spots, climb amazing rock walls and snorkel in clear waters. A full or half day trip that you will talk about for a long time.
The location of this natural park with its unique features, fauna and flora are only to be seen in this part of the globe.
What is the best way to discovering a new place if not with the trust of a local?
Take home, photos and memories to forever remember.


Lisbon Helicopters provides flights as an experience as well as passenger transportation services in the Lisbon area.
Aiming to value the capital’s heritage, architecture and views through a unique offer they operate one Robinson R44, for 3 passengers, and one AS350 Ecureuil, with 1st class interiors and capacity for 5 passengers.
Whether a short air stroll over the river Tagus or a longer flight to Cascais or Sintra, this is a great way to know a little bit more of Portugal with Exclusivity and Refinement.


The Portuguese coast has undoubtedly, the characteristics that attract coastal and offshore fishermen. Arrábida offers more than both worlds. Coastal, river and deep-sea fishing.
With unique navigation conditions, it is possible to find quiet spots as well as a “highway” to open seas.
With early morning pick up from the hotel, boats depart from the charming fishing village of Sesimbra to where the fish is biting.
From this blue water fishing action, you will definitely come out with a story to tell.


The beauties of this untouched region are undeniable, and the ways to explore it maybe very creative. This activity allows to discover new landscapes with different approaches to the magnificent coast of the Arrábida Nature Park.
Coasteering consists of progressing along the coast through rocks and sea, using swimming, climbing and jumping.
Extra adrenaline can be added by the support speedboat at the beginning and end of the activity always, respecting the safety measures.
Come and explore!


A Nature Park with a scenic lush green mountain scenery, white sand beaches bathed by turquoise crystal waters is not to be found “just around the corner”.
From Hotel Casa Palmela you can reach the coastline in approximately 10 minutes, and from there choose among several options to refresh yourself in the Atlantic Ocean.
A “secret” and discrete place, where you can enjoy quietness and comfortably read a book in your sun lounger enjoying the moment.
Maximize your experience with us!


Recognized and awarded for their nature conservation responsibility, Vertigem Azul is a partner with whom we love tailor experiences.
Jasmim, is a 58 ft. sailboat catamaran, built by Fountaine Pajot and with on board facilities that include kitchen and bar, living room, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, showers, lounge area and a net over the water.
Half or full day or even spending one night aboard, between the sea and the sky, are options that can be complemented with a gourmet experience.


Green Breeze is an innovative project that is notable for its deep environmental concerns. This is a 48-foot that it runs on hybrid technology and has the best of both worlds, allowing you to navigate in an elegant, luxurious yacht while giving the sensation of being on a sailboat.
Silent, efficient and environmentally friendly – these are the details that maximizes the pleasure and comfort on a relaxing sea experience.
From just appreciating a sunset to a night aboard, there are innumerous reasons to go out navigating with this sustainable, yet luxurious, yacht.


Who never said or heard that the best boat is a friend's boat?
Here's the friend, and the boat!
With a fully available work team and having fantastic premises with 6.150sqm, of which 2.550sqm under cover, literally on top of water, dock with access ramp and car parking, providing all services you need and to welcome you in an incomparable manner all year long.
We value our resources to qualify this activity, creating the right conditions for our clients to enjoy the pleasure and the unforgettable experiences of the sea.


From the grape to the glass is an experience thought to teach and show the wine making process in a local winery.
Accompanied by an expert, you will have the chance to walk through the meanders of this so sought after world in an unique way.
From the Grape to the Glass will take you on a truly local experience where you will be able to meet the producer, his habits and daily activities.
A great world, seen from the inside!


This exclusive experience takes place in one of the most emblematic Portuguese wineries, and the first table wine producer in Portugal, José Maria da Fonseca.
The Soares Franco family, owner of the winery since its foundation in 1834, in addition to excellent wine producers, are also great hosts. A family proud of their roots.
Have dinner with the owners and listen to their stories in the most intimate ambiance. A story to hear and a wine to taste.
Family of Wines, Wines of a Family!



Bilingual guides


Surf classes


Water sports


Bilingual baby-sitting


No Balance Bikes for Kids
(upon availability)


Car with private driver
Child seat available


Rent-a-Car service

Child seat available


Personal Trainer


Access pass to gym in Setubal


Special meal Lunch Box


Restaurant reservation service