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Waters of blue hues and the green of vegetation, these are the tones of Arrábida. Hotel Casa Palmela? The ideal place for your stay in this area.


The Arrábida region, located in the Setúbal region of Portugal, is known for its natural beauty and diverse landscapes. It is characterized by limestone formations, resulting in cliffs and viewpoints with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.


Area: 176.400 m2
Population: 887,928
Coastline: 35 Km 

Along the coast, fine sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, such as Coelhos and Galápos, are must-visit spots.

Arrábida: where every moment becomes an unforgettable memory.

In addition to natural beauty, Arrábida offers opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, or bird watching. The presence of ancient fortifications adds historical value to this region.

Embark on a panoramic journey along winding roads. These routes provide insights into the history, culture, and traditions intrinsic to this region.


The convents of Arrábida, with their unique architecture, stand as monumental testimonies to the historical and spiritual legacy that spans eras. The Convent of Jesus, an expression of Manueline style, is adorned with tiles that form an exhibition of artworks by Portuguese painters from the 19th century.

The abundance of sun, sea, and sand in the Setúbal district not only makes it a popular tourist destination but also a region where Castelão, a native variety of Portuguese red grape, thrives. The wines are well-balanced due to the natural acidity of the grape, provided by the predominant Atlantic influence that mitigates the hot and dry Mediterranean climate on the Setúbal Peninsula.

Azeitão cheese began to be produced in the 19th century thanks to Gaspar Henriques da Paiva, a native of Beira Baixa. This farmer decided to raise sheep from his region in Azeitão to produce cheeses characteristic of the Serra da Estrela. It is a cured cheese obtained from raw sheep’s milk, with an incredibly buttery texture and a unique flavor, slightly spicy, acidified, and salty.


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