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Once Upon a House Group

The Portuguese hotel group Once Upon a House is known for its unique approach to creating memorable accommodation experiences in some of Portugal’s most picturesque neighborhoods or destinations. With a collection of distinct properties, the group captivates guests with something akin to a fairy tale, turning simple stays into true adventures.

The Alecrim ao Chiado Hotel, located in the heart of Lisbon, is an urban gem that blends contemporary elegance with historical charm. Situated in the bohemian neighborhood of Chiado, this boutique hotel offers a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere, providing a comfortable place to explore the city’s cultural treasures.

The Yellow House apartments, situated in Lisbon’s Alfama neighborhood, offer an authentic experience of living like a local. With their traditional architecture and décor, these apartments are the perfect retreat for those wishing to immerse themselves in Alfama’s vibrant atmosphere.

The Casa Palmela Hotel, located in the Arrábida region, is a hidden gem nestled among vineyards and breathtaking landscapes. A carefully restored historic home, it offers a luxurious and relaxing stay with panoramic views of the Arrábida Natural Park and the Atlantic Ocean.

Additionally, the hotel group also owns the DMC, Once Upon a Day, dedicated to providing memorable and personalized experiences in the Arrábida region. With an experienced and passionate team, OUD offers a variety of activities and excursions that highlight the natural beauty, culture, and gastronomy of this region.

With a commitment to excellence, warm hospitality, and attention to detail, the Once Upon a House group invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey through some of Portugal’s most beautiful destinations.