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Hotel Pet Policy

To ensure the comfort and satisfaction of our guests, the stay of your pet, Dog or Cat only, is subject to the following rules and conditions:

  • All guests with pets must complete and sign the pet admission form and pay a fee of €25.00 (twenty-five euros) per night, per pet, except for certified service dogs that are free from any obligation;

  • A deposit of €100.00 (one hundred euros) may be applied upon check-in. It will be returned at check-out, if all requirements are met and no damage caused by the animal is identified;

  • A maximum of 1 (one) dog is allowed per room, allocated to the reservation of the guest responsible for the animal, under penalty of being asked to live from the property and responsibility of the owner for all consequences and expenses inherent to this act;

  • Pets are only allowed in rooms #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #14 and #15, located in Casa do Jardim and all Country Houses;

  • The animal’s food is not included in the daily rate and is always a responsibility of the owner;

  • The guest responsible for the animal must ensure the hygiene and cleaning of the respective dog’s wastes throughout the exterior and interior perimeter of the Hotel;

  • Pet owners must comply with the rules of International and Portuguese Law, including licensing;

  • The animal must comply with the requirements of the existing legislation:

–   Vaccination Bulletin with Anti-Rabies Vaccination (when over 4 months);
–   Microchip;
–   Registration and License.

  • Pets must not exceed 20kg, with the exception of certified service dogs, which have no weight or size limit. For larger pets, Hotel Casa Palmela has kennels for this purpose;

  • Pet breed must be informed in advance to the hotel, and their acceptance is subject to approval;

  • The Hotel reserves the right to request the immediate removal of any animal that shows dangerous or unacceptable behaviour, such

    as biting, scratching, excessive barking, evidence of illness and urination or defecation in public areas;

  • Pets are not allowed in public areas such as: restaurant, wellness centre and swimming pools, unless they are a certified service dog. Always in any other outdoor public area surrounding the Hotel (terrace, gardens, esplanades, among other areas) they must use a leash or be carried on the lap of the owners, except in the case of a certified service dog;

  • Outside the surrounding areas and services of the Hotel, the dog may roam free, always under the supervision of a responsible person;

  • For the safety and comfort of the pet, the Housekeeping and/or Maintenance teams will only enter the room when the pet is not inside;

  • The owner or guardian of the pet agrees to release, defend and indemnify Hotel Casa Palmela from any and all claims or damages relating to their pet or its stay at the Hotel, including any claims from third parties.;

  • Upon check-in, the hotel will ask for a valid credit card to charge for damages or extraordinary cleaning related to the pet’s stay. By signing this agreement, the animal’s owner is formally authorizing the Hotel to charge these costs to the credit card during or after the stay.